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02. Why Design Matters Pt. 1

Design affects every aspect of our lives.

And it matters. A lot…like a lot, a lot.

Let’s compare waiting in line at Costco to waiting in line at Target (assuming one remembers what it’s like to actually go out in a pre-Covid era!).

I would argue that most would much rather wait

in line at Target. Why? Design.

Let me explain.

Design is more than a pretty brochure

or a nice tailored suit.

Design encompasses EVERYTHING!

From décor and stationery to business systems, including how people move throughout a space.

Every aspect of anything successful involves good design.

At Costco - I feel like a sheep being led to the slaughter. The checkout area reminds me of a big corral.

No one likes feeling as if they’re being herded like cattle. The surroundings aren’t anything to write home

about, and let’s be honest…as you’re waiting in line, you just want to get out as soon as possible.

Now for some, my example may seem a bit obscure. The point I’m trying to make is that as consumer

or end-user, I appreciate things more when the time has been taken to think through every aspect of

my shopping experience. (And if you’re wondering, yes I still shop at Costco. And I will always visit

a Target when I’m in the USA).

If I were to break it down, in its simplest form, design helps solve problems.

Most big box stores can afford teams who plan and construct every aspect of their stores. Including lineup queues. They strategize and account for every situation – even when it comes to waiting in line. Design matters.

Now let’s kick it up a notch and compare waiting in line at Target to waiting in line at a Disney them park. Which would you prefer? (I hate to assume…but I think the point is made…). If you’ve never been to a Disney amusement park, they make waiting in line an enjoyable experience. Rather than feel like you’re in a queue, you’re transported to the world in which the ride you’re waiting for exists. The sights, the smells and sounds - all your senses are stimulated which only add to your anticipation.

I think it’s a mistake to pass off design as something only reserved for those “creative” types.

Design is infused in every aspect of an organization. It affects everyone from HR to the cleaning staff. Systems and structures don’t exist unless they were well designed.

On some level, everyone is a designer.

And if design matters…so do you.

Keep exploring.


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