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01. The Launch

Hello! My name is Joël Boissonneault. And I'm a creative.

I outwork this as a Creative Director and Graphic Designer in my full-time. On the side, I'm a musician, writer, artist and pursuer of creativity.

Okay...let's address the obvs...What is BWASONO?

In short, it's the phonetic pronunciation of my last name: BOISSONNEAULT.

It's pronounced: BWA-SO-NO.

And welcome to my site!

There’s nothing quite unnerving as introducing something new.

Like brand the internet.

Let’s face it…the inter webs can be a scary place. Sure, many have thrived and flourished…but for some, it’s a place where they crash and burn.

And in all honestly, I don’t anticipate any burning or crashing in my foreseeable future. All I’m trying to say is that starting something new is daunting.

As I type this, I’m reminded of my three year old trying to clean her room. You see, if you live under my wife’s roof, a clean home WILL be had. And the militant training starts at a very young age. For the baby of the family (the aforementioned three year old), this “NEW” skill is proving harder than most. When asked to put her Paw Patrol toys back on the shelf, we are usually met with tears and a barely understandable “I can’t”, or “I don’t know how”. Rest assured, she in fact DOES know how, as we’ve shown her and helped her many, many, mannnnnnyyyyy times.

But Imagine that. A simple, 2-second task being met with ‘I can’t’. Even though in actuality, SHE CAN!

Now, I'm fairly confident that you are not a 3 year old reading this (but if you are…wow! You're amazing!). Most of us are now beyond the stage of learning how to to clean our rooms. Albeit as a 38 year old, my clothes still struggle to find their way to the laundry basket - but I digress!

However, I do wonder how many of us default to an "I can't" statement when we are perfectly capable.

For me, it was this website. For years (yes…years) I’ve been wanting to delve into a new pursuit of creativity by way of...something. I wasn't sure what. It could have been a website, a new business or a podcast, YouTube account…SOMETHING, but I didn’t know what. And truth be told, I still don’t know. For years I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was scared. What would others think? What if the things I post aren’t well received? What if I offend someone? What if I make a complete and utter mess of myself and have it on display for the whole world to see?

Well…today, I’m finally at a place where I don’t care.

Am I still afraid…yup. But here we go.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.

As I launch , I have no idea where this journey will lead or what things I’ll discover.

But I’d rather live in the realm of ‘at least I tried’ rather than ‘I wish I did’.

Keep exploring.


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